Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Learnin'

I have been re-reading my books. It isn't as though Chapters is full of books on life in the Darfur region of Sudan. Most people around there are trying not to be dead, and don't have a lot of time or resources for the writer's life.

But there are one or two. And when I read them, I wish they were as popular as the Twilight Series, or Harry Potter.

It is something to have such a first hand account of reality for regular people living peaceful lives rich in family and tradition; only to have government backed militia come in raping, pillaging, and murdering. And something even greater to have authors such as Daoud Hari and Halima Bashir who stare death in the face (once again) and speak out about all that is and has happened in their homeland.

It certainly increases my sense of responsibility.
We are unfortunately of the resource greedy nations who fuel and ignite these types of wars. It's really not some war way over there when you think about it this way.

Meanwhile, I am poking away at my Etsy Shop. Not having been awarded "Most Likely To Whiz Through Anything She Puts Her Hand To" at high school graduation, or at the University grad that I'm still a few courses away from..... I tend to be a bit of a challenged learner. "She works at her own pace"; so to speak.

But work; she does.

So, if you're looking to curl up through these winter days with a good book in hand, here are some suggestions:
"God Grew Tired of us"
"What is the What"
"The Translator"
"Tears of the Desert"
And there are others. But they are on my bedroom shelf, and there is a wee soul sleeping on my bed at the moment who shant be disturbed, so those will have to wait.

And by the time you're done all your reading assignments, perhaps we can meet up at the Etsy shop: joycebaglady4darfur.


Valerie Ruth said...

i'm always looking for good reads. this post at 715 AM means that wee soul on your bed is the same as the one i get to help shape.

Kezzie said...

Hello! I just arrived via 'Next blog' which I haven't done for years (I am supposed to be doing work/marking-ahrgh!!!!) However, it was lovely to arrive at a book review, since I love writing these and discovering new books. I haven't read any of them and they sound very powerful! Thanks for your reviews!
Nice to meet you!

joyce said...

Indeed, he is.

Kenzie- I haven't done that "next blog" trick in ages! Glad that you found me. Another very good book is "a long way gone". Very powerful.

joyce said...

Sorry. Kezzie. Stoooooopid autocorrect.

Syneloi said...

Pozdrawia Ciebie z Warszawy, Grzech życząc radosnego życia.

Grzegorz Laskowski said...

Jeden plus jeden równa się dwa tylko i wyłącznie w wyobraźni ponieważ w świecie materialnym brak jest dwu jednakowych cząstek; wszystko co istnieje jest cząstką całości czym więc jest obraz (zdjęcie)?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,

I love your bags. Did the last one sell?

I have tried to access you on Etsy. I'm not having luck, think I need one of my children to walk me through.
Plus I can't figure how to subscribe to this blog,ack!

Love,love,love your bags and mission.

Thank-you for the books you mention. I order them from the library.


joyce said...

Hi Teresa, I must apologize, work has been unusually busy and has sapped me of energy so I've not yet listed items onetsy. It's not that you're having trouble finding me, but that I am not there to find! I am awaiting payment on the previous bag, so still unclear on whether it has sold. I hope I will manage to update the blog this week, and eventually move forward with etsy! Thank you for the encouragement, always welcomed. (am currently reading "god grew tired of us")

joyce said...

Ps does anyone know what language the prior comments are in? I tried to find a translation to no avail.

Teresa said...

Hi Joyce,

No problem with Etsy,I'll visit when it's up and running:)

I'm thinking Polish for the comments.

Thank-you for the book reccomendation also.

Your blog encourages me to think of minute ways social justice can occur:)

Thanks for the reply.