Monday, January 9, 2012

She Loves Blue and Orange. (sold)

Blue + orange +cheery kitchen motifs from another time always give me a sort of inner glow.
So its a particularly happy day when I find an ancient, well cared for table cloth boasting all of those features. It makes me so happy that I just have to cut it up and turn it into something different (? do I need therapy?)This bag also makes me want to eat pears, brie cheese, and sip on an icey cold glass of white wine.
That doesn't marry so well with my day job of pre-school care-giver....
so perhaps its time to say: good-bye! au revoir! hasta la vista!
Now, if you have the sort of job that allows you to eat melted brie and sip chilled wine, then this is the bag for you! There are handy little pockets in the interior that will be just perfect for some little packets of crackers, a few apricots, and some figs stuffed with goats cheese, if you're so inclined.

Or if you're of a more sensible nature, you could use this for your books.
Or baguettes.
Or kittens.

The long and the short of it is that this spectacular blue and orange and fruity bag is ON SALE today! For twenty Canadian bucks she can be yours, all yours.
She measures roughly 16" x 14", is fully lined, and has three inside pockets.
Shipping to most places is $11.00 Cdn.

Like it? want it? Leave a comment, please.


Mary KG said...

Wish I needed a bag. Wanting isn't enough. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!

Anonymous said...

I would like to buy this bag if it is still available!

joyce said...

awesome- send an e-mail to to let me know if you'd like to pay through paypal, or send me a cheque- thanks so much!

Teresa said...

Hi Joyce,

I just purchased "She sails On" if this one is available I will also purchase it.